TOR: Beginners to Expert Guide to Accessing the Dark Net (LIBRO, 2017)

NOTA MIA: Parecía un manual más, pero este libro del mediático y “bestsellerista” Bruce Rogers va de lo simple a lo complejo en el universo TOR-Onion; tocando temas como los black markets, las criptomonedas, el streaming en la deep web, etc.  Bastante recomendable (Jorge Lizama)


Chapter 1: What is TOR?
Introduction to Tor
What is the Dark Web?
Why does the Deep Web exist?
History of TOR and why it was created
Legality of Dark Web

Chapter 2: Why is TOR Used?
Why common people use Tor
How Tor can help media and journalism
Use of Tor by Law Enforcement
How Whistle-blowers can use Tor
How can celebrities and underprivileged people use Tor?
Illegal Uses

Chapter 3: How to Access the Dark Web Using Tor: A Guide
How to access Dark Web using a computer
How to use Deep Web on a phone
How To Access Deep Web on an Android Phone
How to access Tor on an iPhone

Chapter 4: Darknet Markets
CryptoCurrency & Payments
Escrow and Multi-Sig
Popular Dark Markets

Chapter 5: How to Use Bitcoin?
Using Bitcoin Privately: A Guide
How to trade Bitcoins anonymously

Chapter 6: Do’s and Don’t s
Do try Tor
Don’t use Windows or Use it Wisely
Always update your system
Avoid HTTP Websites
Don’t get confused between Dark Web and Deep Web
Encrypt Everything
Never use Java, JavaScript, Flash
Avoid P2P
Always delete your browsing data and cookies
Never use your personal details
Avoid Google as much as possible
Always use trusted directories to find links

Chapter 7: Dark Web Resources
The Silk Road
Tor Mail
The Hidden Wiki
Hidden Wiki is usually up

Chapter 8: FAQs
Difference between Surface Web, Dark Web, and Deep Web
When was the Dark Net invented?
Why was TOR formed?
Why is Tor so slow?
What is Tor?
I am scared, is the Dark Net safe?
Does Tor work with Windows 10/7/xp?
What is the Hidden Wiki and where can I find it?
If Dark Web is so scary/illegal, why is it still working?
I don’t like the sites mentioned in the Hidden Wiki, are there any other sites that I can access, where can I find them?
Is there Child Porn on the Dark Net? What if I accidentally see it? Will I be arrested?
Are there any search engines for Tor?
Can I get addicted to Tor/Dark Web?
What is to be avoided on Dark Net?
I browsed Dark Web, now what to do?
Is Tor basically a proxy? Why shouldn’t I use proxy instead of Tor?
Doesn’t the government back TOR? So, do they have a backdoor in Tor?
Is it possible to share files using Tor? Will the process be anonymous as well?
Can Tor be used on my cellular device?
How can I check if Tor is working?
I do not like Tor, how do I uninstall it?
Is Tor safe? Or is it malware?
Does Tor provide full anonymity?
Is Tor a form of VPN? Should I use VPN instead of Tor?
Does Tor promote criminal activity? Can criminals use Tor to commit crimes?
Why some videos don’t work on Tor?
Can I use Chrome/Opera/ IE etc. with Tor?
Why does my Google page come out in weird languages?
Can/should I install my favorite Firefox extensions?



NOTA: en inglés


MENSAJE cifrado con mi llave pública a mi mail. Única vía.

SI no sabes cómo usar pgp y no te tomas los 10 minutos que cuesta aprender, no te puedo apoyar en nada.

Doctor Jorge Alberto Lizama Mendoza, 11 de diciembre de 2017

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